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From a young age, I found comfort in words. The soft vowels in a whispered lullaby, or yearning consonants in sincere apologies. It took me a while to realise, but I was destined for the pen. Even the grating harshness of words flung in anger held some treasured value to me. They were always calling to me. Perhaps it was the power of words, constantly hanging in speech bubbles above our heads or it may have been the richness of bold noir on yellowing pages. Regardless, they were always calling me.

My education was average, my formative years testing and I often lacked the motivation and courtesy to myself to push for more than what was expected. So I made the easy choices, took a scapegoat whenever the choice was afforded to me and eventually a high school career filled with nothing other than just-made-its, led me to firmly, and quite happily at the time, believe that my college education should be based on the only thing I was above average at; business.

So I pursued a future filled with suits, social conventions and stiff upper lips, but found accounting ledgers nothing more than dribble from people I had nothing in common with. As the year came to a close, I knew I couldn’t fulfil another, so I took what knowledge I had gained and moved on; working as a receptionist for a catering company.

However, one class stayed with me. Business communication. Something tedious in itself, but it had planted a seed and it turned into something I desperately wanted to nurture, so I completed a correspondence course in Magazine Journalism.

I went on to write feature articles for Saltwater Girl Magazine, as well as Women’s Health South Africa. Reveling in a world fuelled by synonyms, nouns and verbs, I started blogging – which allowed me another outlet, as well as the freedom to write about things I cared about.

Fast forward to this moment, exactly 16:35 on Sunday the 7th of January 2017 and I’m still as in love with my craft as I was ten years ago. In fact, I now scribble about a range of things; music, food, fiction and I’m even trying my hand at a novel, while I work as a Copywriter in London.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading my posts just as much as I enjoy writing them, because the words… they will always call to me.




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